Reddings-vesten Welkom
Approved service station:
  • Offshore companies
  • Merchant
  • Yachting
  • Fisheries
  • Dredging Companies
  • Government
For inflatable models with CO2, consisting of tightness testing (under pressure), functional test of the full- automatic, renewing the sealing rings and melt tablet, functional test of the oral inflation valve, check all joints and fittings, control of the CO2 cartridge and a test certificate.

Our Mobile Mullion service-station. To serve you; we do your inspection at YOUR place.

Approval of lifejackets including certificate, without replacements. Price ex VAT Price including 21% VAT
Service / CE approved control €> 5/st €30,25
Servicing with Mobile service station €27,00 €32,67
Service / control SOLAS Inspection €37,00 €44,77
If the cost of repairs amount to more than €40, please call this approval.